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The website of the official distributor of the Berlinger Haus brand. 

Berlinger Haus is a completely new brand of high-end kitchen products. Berlinger Haus produces specialized, handmade, unique and innovative products made of the most advanced and highest quality materials.

The main goal of our company is to create products according to the latest achievements and trends in the household appliances industry. All Berlinger Haus product designs are 100% developed by the Berlinger Haus designers in our European office. We currently work with other companies in more than 40 countries, covering most of Europe, and we are open to new strategic partners around the world.

Our mission

Our goal is that the use of our products enables tasty, varied and healthy cooking. 


The company focuses on the production of appliances intended for the kitchen. Berlinger Haus, by offering products to its customers, sets standards: durability, efficiency, ease of use, design.


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